Permit for Swans

a collaborative project with Kevin Melanson 

Permit for Swans

Hand-pieced quilt, appliqué text, 2022, Margaret Bowater Park, Corner Brook, NL (on display August - November 2022)

Permit for Swans was made for the Corner Brook Stream Trail Public Artwork Project run by the Corner Brook Rotary Arts Centre, Grenfell Art Gallery, and the City of Corner Brook. This project aims to explore the idea of "habitat"  by critically engaging with ideas of ownership and control as related to wildlife in municipal parks. How does the presence of an introduced and invasive species affect the habitat previously enjoyed by ducks, pigeons, etc? Can a non-native species ever feel at home in a habitat designed to limit their evolutionary success? For this project we researched the swans at the Glynmill Pond in Corner Brook, NL, and learned about the rules and regulations surrounding municipalities/corporations keeping swans essentially as fancy pets. We hope this quilt encourages other people to think more about their relationships with the local “wild”life. Also we know who owns the swans, so you don’t need to tell us ;)

We want to thank East Coast Quilt Co for the long arm service (see the detailed duck stitching below), and our good friend Tangiene Martin O'Hara for the extra hands, cookies, and moral support. 

You can find more from Kevin on his instagram @kevinatenine10.

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