Word on the Street, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, 2021

Please Read and Respect These Signs and Wear out the old horse first were my contributions to the group exhibition Word on the Street, curated by The Cloud Factory ARC and displayed throughout Corner Brook, Newfoundland. 

Please Read and Respect These Signs is both a text from an actual sign that I encountered in a public space, and a self-referential joke about signs and their relationships to the larger culture(s) that they exist within. Wear out the old horse first is a phrase that my nan says, and is one of many farm related sayings that she remembers from her youth growing up in rural Nova Scotia. 

About Word on the StreetWord on the Street is a unique outdoor exhibition that shares the creative works of artists and poets through a traffic control message board. This large LED display is user-programmed and fully mobile. Ten individual artists, a combination of local, national, established, and emerging, have been commissioned to create a pictogram or text work for the display matrix. The project will move through a total of ten sites over the duration of the project,  quite literally mobilizing art and poetry into the community streets! The exhibition features work by: Anie Toole, Ashley Hemmings, Chris Turnbull, Emily Hayes, Jerry Ropson, José Andrés Mora, Lorna Conquergood, Micah Lexier, Xaiver Campbell, and Kevin Melanson. More information on the project, and image of the other's artists work can be found on the Cloud Factory's Website.

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